Church of the Holy Trinity

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CATHOLICISM - Pivital Players

Our next Adult Faith Formation Series is entitled "CATHOLICISM - PIVOTAL PLAYERS" and is presented in 12 weekly video selections by Bishop Robert Barron, beginning Sunday December 4th at 10:15.  We will study the lives of six uniquely chosen figures in history, who greatly influenced the Church as she exists today. 

The purposes of this series are to:

1.)  Examine the lives of six individuals who were chosen by God to shape His Church...the events of their lives, including their conversion, their calling, their experiences and courage in answering God's calling;

2.)  Develop an appreciation for the statement "No one can know the power and potential for God to use a life fully surrendered to Christ";

3.)  Reflect upon our individuals lives, and become inspired to fully surrender to Christ, so God may use us, according to His eternal plan.

I know this series will bless, inspire and entertain you, as we study together!



To review the individual Lesson handouts for each week, click this link.


To watch the video trailer for this series from WORD ON FIRE click this link.